Saturday, November 15, 2014

So who's in the wedding party?!

Coming soon...This amazing cast of characters in:

George Allison (Best Man)
George and Nick were roommates at Tufts and have been great friends ever since.

Chrissy Phillips (Maid of Honor)
Chrissy and Nat have been best friends since sixth grade at White Hill Middle School.

Katherine Ashby (Bridesmaid)
Natalie can't wait to be sisters-in-law with Katie, Nick's little sis!

Sophie Marsh (Bridesmaid)
Sophie, Nat's little sis and Bridal Shower Planner Extraordinaire, has been Nat's greatest supporter and friend since day one.

Ethan Mapes (Groomsman)
Ethan is Nick's partner- in- crime from high-school and fellow commiserator for all things Scottish.

Ian Munoz (Groomsman)
Ian is another member of Nick's high-school entourage. Over the years Nick and Nat have spent some fun times with Ian in Colorado, Oakland and DC.

Graham Bennett (Ring Boy)
At 11 years old Graham Bennett is an accomplished actor as well as a long-time family friend of the Marsh's. He is thrilled to take on this important role in N&N's wedding!

Grace Danner (Flower Girl)
Grace is Nat's boss' little girl, and perhaps 'Nanee's' biggest fan!

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