Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Wedding Planner's Journey (step by step)

Having planned weddings professionally, it seemed that I was the obvious choice for planning Natalie  and Nick's "big day".  After all these years as  a stylist, filmmaker and event planner, it would be a breeze, right?   Well - yes and no!!!   My dear clients call me day and night, take up endless hours on my couch, pouring over Pinterest, Instagram, and the like, googling wedding sites, caterers, venues, you name it!!  I drive wherever we need to go, buying lunch or dinner along the way.  We shop till we drop, and at night I dream about weddings.  Speaking of "dropping" I have  become no stranger to "dropping" whatever I might be doing, and racing out to meet that caterer or photographer that just happens to have that one time slot when we can all miraculously meet.  Oh and I forgot to mention these clients are pro bono!  

Would I want it any other way???   The answer is a resounding "nooooooo".  I feel like the luckiest mum / event planner in the world, and I am loving every minute of it!  Well - most minutes of it -  there are the occasional frustrations such as sending away for paper samples that are disappointing, or visiting a venue that turns out to be less than stellar, little glitches that send us back to the drawing board, just when we thought we were moving forward.

The wedding is coming up fast and furiously.  March 28th is soon - especially so in wedding planning time!!  Six months from engagement to nuptials means that. we have had to get the show on the road "poste haste".  As we do so, I invite you to share the journey with us, here, and watch, as we create a  most fabulous, memorable, and the happiest day imaginable for this beautiful couple who luckily for me happens to be my beloved daughter and wonderful future son-in-law.

I love my job!!!!

First stop - The beautiful Morcom Amphitheater of Roses - who knew this beautiful gem was tucked away just a few blocks from Natalie and Nick's home in Oakland?  Their first choice for the ceremony.  Great news!!  It is available on March 28th!!!    Note to self - start a rose garden at home!!

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